A three-day experience on the Pasubio Massif: designed for hikers looking for more than just a simple day hike, to discover the mountain and local shelters.

We remind that is not a difficult hike, but the ‘Strada delle Gallerie’ is a path that involves an 800m elevation gain and reaches an altitude of 2000m. It requires a minimum level of training, good physical condition, and appropriate equipment. Normally, at 2000m, temperatures are 10/15 degrees lower than the plain. Once you start the itinerary, there are no exit routes, you must reach the end of the road where you will find the shelter or return to the initial parking lot. Before starting, remember to check the weather forecast.

The management of the A. Papa Shelter wishes you a great hiking experience.

Day 1: Pian delle Fugazze - Rifugio Papa (per sentiero Val Canale)


   Distance: 7 km

   Difficulty: hiking    

   Duration: 2:30 h

   Altitude difference: 828 uphill

Day 2: Rifugio Papa - Rifugio Lancia (per sentiero CAI 120)


   Distance: 7,6 km

   Difficulty: hiking    

   Duration: 3 h

   Altitude difference: 226 uphill

Day 3: Rifugio Lancia - Pian delle Fugazze (sentieri CAI 105+399+179)


   Distance: 17 km

   Difficulty: hiking    

   Duration: 6 h

   Altitude difference: 648 uphill /1284 downhill