The Regional Operational Programme (POR) is the instrument through which the Veneto Region, thanks to the approximately 600 million euros made available by the European Union, the State and the Region itself, developed in 2014 to 2020 a social and economic growth plan in the areas of industrial development, the digital agenda, the environment and innovation.

The Programme is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, FESR, which is one of the European Structural and Investment Funds and is the main instrument of the European Union’s regional policy.

The refuge “Achille Papa” in recent years has participated in two Regional public calls, which have allowed the financing and construction of a new section of refuge, used for dormitories, and the financing of today’s website, including table and overnight reservation services.

Call for innovative investments in the hospitality industry for renovation and extension of the shelter

Axis 3 Action 3.3.4 sub-action C: “Innovative investments in the tourist accommodation sector”

Renovation and extension of the Achille Papa refuge in Porte Pasubio

Renovation of the building with an increase in quality standards and modernization of the management of hikers through the creation of new spaces for use also by managers; use of home automation technologies to optimize the management of available energy sources.

The project focused on a new organization of existing spaces, thus increasing the equipment for customers and improving the working environment of employees with positive increases in the service offered.

The public support granted amounted to EUR 89,315.27.

Call for grants for innovative digital investments in the tourist accommodation sector to boost the recovery of tourist demand after the COVID-19 emergency

This Call implements AXIS 3 “Competitiveness of production systems” Investment priority 3 (B) “Develop and implement new business models for SMEs, in articulate for internationalization”

Specific objective 3.3 “Consolidation, modernisation and diversification of territorial production systems”

Action 3.3.4 “Support for the competitiveness of businesses in tourist destinations, through provision qualification and product/service innovation, strategic and organizational”

Sub-action C “Innovative investments in the tourist accommodation sector”

Thanks to this announcement the refuge “Gen. Achille Papa”, through the support of Igreengo, has obtained an important funding that has allowed the development of today’s website. Of fundamental importance was the inclusion of two management, for the reservation of tables and for the booking of beds, which have given, and still provide strong support in planning and planning seasonal expenditure and in forecasting future tourist trends.